What's On It's Way?

Just thought I would take a minute or two to let you know what I am in the middle of making and will add to the shop in a day or two, barring things going wrong, or I run out of ingredients. The ongoing COVID problems on the North Island has meant that most of my suppliers are working with  limited staff which does slow everything down.

Anyhow, what will we have back in stock? Dream Cream Moisturiser, and the Peach Butter moisturiser, I dare not run out of either of those!

The Calendula Cleanser will be back in a day or two, as will my Natural Deodorants. I have made some Guest Soaps and Guest sized Shampoo Bars and they will go on sale this week. They’re also an inexpensive way to try out a natural soap or shampoo bar if you haven’t used one before at only $2.00 each .

I also need to make more of the Skin Smoothing bars which I’m told stitcher’s love as it keeps their fingers smooth preventing the snagging of fabrics, wool and threads.

More shampoo bars are also needed as they seem to sell faster than I can keep track.

On a different note my candles have been doing really well especially the Globes so I shall have to replenish those stocks. I wanted to make a variety of coloured and stripped container candles but with the weather being cool, and no central heating in NZ homes, frosting and wax shrinking was leaving a residue on the inside of containers which doesn’t look particularly good with coloured waxes so I shall have to wait until the weather warms up.

Right then, next task is the Calendula Cleanser.

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