Spraying Mica

Lately I’ve been watching a few videos where mica was sprayed onto the top of soap loaves and fell in love with the results. I mean, what isn’t to like about gold mica on black soap! I had to have a go at that!

So, I went looking for as many spray bottles as I could and away I went only to discover that they didn’t work. One squirt if I was lucky, and that was it! Why?

It turned out that the tubes in the atomisers were too narrow and the nozzle itself almost became blocked almost instantly. Some I managed to rescue but others, no.

Now what? Okay after a bit of thinking I found an almost empty liquid cleaner bottle with a trigger and washing it thoroughly decided to try that.  The best thing about trigger sprayers is that the tubes are usually much larger/wider and therefore so would the nozzle be.

I mixed my gold mica with Isopropyl alcohol and poured it into the sprayer. Taking a piece of kitchen paper I aimed and sprayed. Voila!! It worked, a lovely gold spray.

So, there you go, for all those who want to spray the tops of their soaps or bath bombs, skip the atomisers, and go for the trigger sprays, they really work!

Having said that if you can locate atomisers with decent sized tubes, let me know please, but for now, all good!


Trigger Spray

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