Rebatching Syndet Shampoo Bars and Soaps

Recently I spent quite a bit of time on Google searching for some information relating to the above. There was nothing!  Is it possible that nobody except me has had the need to rebatch their syndets? Surely not! So I decided to give it a go and yes it can be done quite easily and the end result is good.

Like with any soap you need to rebatch, grate it first. Next I microwaved it at 20 seconds to begin with just to be on the safe side. From then on I simply continued to microwave until the mixture became soft and fluffy. Giving it a stir it was ‘loose’ enough to go into my mold.

The time you microwave will likely depend on the amount of product you want to rebatch but keep an eye on it because unlike regular shampoo/soap bars which will liquefy, syndets create foam as they heat up.

Because I sell my bars I tried a rebatched bar the following day and it worked beautifully.

So there you go, easy!


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