I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment having finally found a way to Prevent Frosting on my Soy Melts.

Being new to candle making I watched several tutorials on YouTube and read up on Soy Wax. I followed advice and instructions from quite a few candle makers however when making my melts no matter whose advice/instructions I followed I found I still had a problem with frosting most especially noticeable on coloured melts and candles.

Yes Soy is a natural product and the frosting is natural too but like many candle makers, I didn’t like it, so after a bit of experimenting, coupled with frustration, here’s what I found worked.

Firstly it is a good idea to keep the jugs you use for your wax warm as it helps maintain temperature and of course makes them easier to clean.

I heat my wax to between 80 – 90 degrees C  (176-194 F) and add my colour stirring gently until blended then allow to cool to 75 degrees C (160 degrees F).

The fragrance amount is usually 10% but check the manufacturers instruction to be sure.

I wait until the wax cools to 150 degrees F or cooler and add my fragrance and stir gently to incorporate into the wax. To  add fragrance at a higher temperature only encourages evaporation, and I believe this to be true as the fragrance can smell quite intense as you stir it in.  I haven’t noticed a weakness in the fragrance having added at a lower temperature.   Stir very gently to ensure that the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout the wax.

Now this is the bit I find debatable, they say to avoid frosting on your melts pouring temperature should be between 60-65 degrees C (140 – 149 degrees F) any hotter will result in frosting. Well, having poured at this temperature I still got frosting over and over again. Very, very, annoying!

So I experimented with different pour temperatures experiment and found that when I poured at:                 

45 degrees C (113 degrees F), what do you know? NO FROSTING!

Then I poured at 50 decrees C (122 degrees F) NO FROSTING.

At  55 degrees C (131 degrees F) NO FROSTING!

In the experiments I used different  fragrances and colours and there was no difference, so it looks as though the frosting problem can be prevented if you pour at a much cooler temperature than what is generally recommended.

On the downside if you are heating your wax in a microwave you need to pour relatively quickly as the wax will continue to cool and begin to set and reheating in the microwave can be a bit fiddly and time consuming but if you have a wax melter that can maintain the wax temperature  to around  45-55 degrees  then the pay-off is well worth it. Frost-free melts!

You can put your melts in the freezer. Individual melts for around 15 minutes or 45 minutes if out of their moulds and stacked.

Finally close the clamshells and allow them to cure for a couple of days or week. Unlike candles they do not need a long curing time.

Hope this helps! And that’s it, have fun!