Too Pretty!

15th December 2020

A lady approached my stall at the market and asked if I would be making any cupcake soaps for Christmas. The short answer was “no”.

“Oh, that’s a shame” she said, “they’d make a lovely gift.”

Indeed they do I remember thinking, but there is a slight problem and that is getting people to buy them. I have made all sorts of cakes and pies from soap. Gateau’s, layered and filled with ‘whipped  cream’, frosted Christmas Cakes and Birthday cakes, etc, etc. Of course they are not the regular cake sizes. Liqourice Allsorts were popular, and umpteen cupcakes with swirls of cream (soap) and decorated.

Yes, many did sell if someone was having a birthday or whatever but otherwise? Admiring looks, pick up for a sniff, asking me how I make them, and finishing off with the usual “they’re too pretty to use,” as they walk away. And yes, I know I shouldn’t but I swear there were times when I got pretty close to hurling said cupcakes at those departing backs.

Were they expensive? Nope, for the work that went into them, they retailed for between $5 – $7 depending on the size of the cupcake. Boxed with a ribbon closure would set you back $10.

Those that didn’t sell were given away to friends or if they had faded and lost their fragrance which is quite common over time, they were thrown away. What do I do now? I make shampoo bars and body soaps, all nice and ordinary without a swirl of cream in sight, but on the plus side, they sell and sell well. They are made from natural ingredients making them very good for you.

There it is then, for me, so sad I had to retire my icing tools, and I relayed that information to the lady who after making a few sympathetic noises left me to continue my shopping. The question remains, why are people so reluctant to buy something pretty yet still practical.

My friend Maxine, is one to whom I gave a cupcake used it straight away and was thrilled that it lasted so long, plus of course, removing the ‘icing’ gave her two soaps!

Here’s a link if you’d like to check out a few of my Novelty Soaps

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