Natural Soaps if left in a damp shower, or wet soap dish will quickly dissolve, or if not properly stored, will slowly deteriorate on the shelf.
So, Here are some tips to help you enjoy your soap to the very last bubble

1. Store soaps you are not using in a covered container that allows air circulation, in a cool, dry place. Shoe boxes work great for this.

2. If you prefer to store your soaps in a plastic container, be sure to add ventilation holes to the lid to allow the soaps to breathe.

3. Handmade natural soaps are high in natural glycerin and vegetable oils; non-ventilated storage may result in a “weepy” or rancid soap bar. Plus, glycerin being a humectant has a fondness for moisture so do not leave your soaps in a wet soap dish, or a steamy shower, or you will be left with a soft, squiggy product!

4. Keep your soaps out of direct sunlight, as colours may fade.

5. Storage life varies, depending upon the formulation of the soap. In general, assuming proper storage, your handcrafted soap should last from 6 to 12 months and sometimes even longer.

6. If storing several soaps, it’s best to store similar scents together. Having said that I have stored together soaps with different fragrances and the result was a unique and very lovely fragrance.

7. Storing a peppermint (dominant) scent with a citrus (mild) scent may result in the citrus scent taking on a peppermint aroma. Even under the best conditions, citrus scents tend to mellow more quickly than other scents.

8. The scents in handcrafted will mellow over time.

9. Cut large bars in half and use half at a time, storing the unused portion as noted above, or in your undies drawer.

10. Use a soap dish that offers drainage (e.g. slotted) so the soap can dry between uses. Natural soaps that sit in a wet soap dish or a steamy shower will soon turn to mush!

11. With proper storage and in-use care, you’ll get the most out of your handmade natural soap!