Candyrose, for Hair Care - Skin Care & Candles

mango butter.alt
Mango Butter Face and Body Soap
Tonka & Oud is the Fragrance in this Shampoo Bar
Soycocoa Candle with a classic fragrance

“The ingredients in our body soaps ensures that your skin is cleansed not stripped of its natural oils, and our ‘no chemical’ policy ensures ‘no skin irritants’. Enjoy!”

“Our natural shampoo bars are very good for your hair and scalp. No chemicals to irritate your skin or dry your hair. These shampoos are totally natural and will leave your hair feeling soft and manageable which means you will not need a conditioner! So, aside from beautiful hair you’ll also be saving yourself some money. Can’t be bad!”

“Who doesn’t love candles! Ours come in a variety of sizes, colours and fragrances, including beeswax, so whatever mood you want to create I’m sure you will find what you are looking for. In the unlikely event you don’t we can always make it for you.”