When I can afford it I love to experiment by creating new soap and shampoo recipes and today is one of those days.

Usually I would be at the market today but the weather forecast said ‘rain’ and it was cancelled, so I decided it’s the perfect day to experiment by creating a couple of soap recipes, making them up, and seeing what happens.
The first soap has been made, and is currently doing its ‘thing’ in a warm oven. This one is predominantly Shea butter. Allergic to shea? Worry not, there are two more on the way. The second has the main ingredient Mango butter however, the real ‘experiment’ lays with the soap I’ve made using Peach butter as the main ingredient. What’ll happen when I unmold and try it out remains to be seen.

The attraction associated with making this particular soap, peach butter, came when I went online to see if there was any information relating to peach butter being used in soaps or shampoo bars and found… nothing. I also looked for information relating to the properties in peach butter in relation to other butters and again found nothing unless of course you’re looking for the edible version,or are thinking of making a lotion or moisturiser which, I’ve already done and it is fabulous. If the soap turns out as I hope I may pair it up with my peach butter  moisturiser!

Peach butter as the main ingredient showed conditioning properties in a soap of 60% the others rated around 52%.

 Assuming they all turn out well I will offer them as face and body soaps. I did think shampoos but they may be too conditioning for shampoos nevertheless I’ll try them out.
There are many soaps going under the heading of Peach Butter soap and even one claims to be 100% peach butter soap but when I check out the ingredients they do not contain peach butter instead they are made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and so on, or  they are simply peach coloured or carry a peach fragrance.
It’s going to be really interesting to see how my peach butter soaps made with coconut oil, canola oil and three times the amount of peach butter turn out!
When I’ve calmed down after my anticipated success, or pulled myself together after a deep sigh of disappointment followed by a short sulk I will post the results!

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