Experimenting - An Update

As you may recall from my previous post I was curious about Peach Butter soap as I wanted to know why I couldn’t find any genuine peach butter soap online. Most of what I found carried peach fragrance oil or peach colouring but not peach butter which meant the next step was to make some, which I have. 

I made four sample bars and the following day unmolded them unsure at the time what I would find. But surprise, surprise four solid bars of white firm soap which could only get better they had cured.  But I didn’t want to wait four weeks just to test them so yesterday I cut off a small piece of one to try. I should tell you that I do not normally use soap on my face as I have sensitive skin that usually feels tight after using soap, but tossing all of that aside I splashed my face with warm water, worked up a lather in my hands and applied it to my face.

The lather was rich, thick and creamy, it felt as though I had applied a moisturiser to my face.

Massaged it all over my face it really did feel amazing so much so I was sad to have to rinse it off but of course I did. Patting my face dry I waited for the tight feeling to take hold, but it didn’t, my face felt fresh and clean and not at all dry.

Now then, you may be thinking ‘well of course she’s gonna say that, she made it!’ But no, that’s not how I work. If it’s good, it’s good, if it’s rubbish then nothing can change that and it won’t go into my shop!

What I have done is take the four remaining sample bars and give them to some friends of mine to try on the condition I get feedback which they have agreed to do.

I will add the feedback to my next post and fingers crossed it will be at the very least interesting because yesterday I made a loaf of the soap!

peach _butter_soap.alt

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