Soy vs Paraffin

Soy vs Paraffin Myths & Facts “The ultimate candle wax debate. Soy wax vs paraffin wax”. “Let’s talk about the myths and reveal what is fact or fiction about these two particular waxes. I use several wax types, so this video is not about my opinions or bias on each […]

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Soap Frosting

Soap Frosting I love decorating my soaps but at the beginning, I found it really difficult to find a recipe for frosting that (a) wouldn’t set before I’d finished piping, or (b) wasn’t temperamental when it came to temperature.  But now I think I’ve finally cracked it. Start cold!  This […]

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Fluid Hot Process Soap Making

Fluid Hot Process Soap Method When I began making hot process soap I would follow the familiar crock pot method. Putting the oils into the crockpot and heating them before adding the lye and bringing to trace before putting on the lid and waiting while it did its thing. A […]

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