Confused? I certainly was . . . Many a time someone has come up to my market stall and asked, “do you have any shampoo conditioning bars?” I point to my shampoo bars and tell them that all the ingredients in my shampoo bars are conditioning and that in the nine plus years or so I’ve […]

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Now For Something Different

Now for Something Different Over the years I have made umpteen shampoo bars and body soaps, and all very similar in as much as the ingredients I use are as ‘natural’ as I can find them. However, I got to thinking what does ‘natural’ really mean since everything we use as a ‘natural’ ingredient has in […]

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Soap Frosting

Soap Frosting I love decorating my soaps but at the beginning, I found it really difficult to find a recipe for frosting that (a) wouldn’t set before I’d finished piping, or (b) wasn’t temperamental when it came to temperature.  But now I think I’ve finally cracked it. Start cold!  This method I found on the internet […]

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Spraying Mica

Spraying Mica Lately I’ve been watching a few videos where mica was sprayed onto the top of soap loaves and fell in love with the results. I mean, what isn’t to like about gold mica on black soap! I had to give it a go. So, I went looking for as many spray bottles as I […]

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