Below Is What We Do Here At Candyrose – And Why

For those of you who haven’t been here before, welcome! For those of you who know us and our products feel free to explore the new site and check out our new products.

I thought it a good idea to give you a insight into what we do and why, although I guess most of you will have a good idea as soon as you landed on the first page of our site – yep, hair and body products that are skin loving and gentle because they are made from the best quality natural ingredients we can lay our hands on.

I began making shampoo bars and soaps back in 2012 then following requests and suggestions from customers the product range began to expand. Everything I make I test on myself before offering it for sale. The plus side of that was that the psoriasis and eczema I had tolerated for years vanished, not straight away, but after two or three shampoos I realised my scalp didn’t itch and the psoriasis had as good as disappeared, and has never returned.  It was then it became clear just how damaging commercial products can be to our skin and hair.

Smart marketing of commercial products often misleads us into thinking we are doing and using the best products available, but how many of us (a) read the labels and even if we do (b) how many of us understand the lengthy and almost unpronounceable words used to describe the contents in the container? Most of us rely and trust the advertising we’ve been shown and based on that we purchase the products.

Fortunately many of you are becoming aware of what is and what is not good for your bodies. Candyrose makes products that are as natural as they can possibly be avoiding chemicals such as silicone’s which coat the hair giving it a ‘false’ shine, parabens, SLS’ and other chemicals which cause skin irritations and even hair loss.  I do use preservatives in water based products such as lotions and moisturisers because water based products would go ‘off’  if I didn’t. 

In short we endeavor to make products that will care for your body from top to toe and making you look and feel good.