Now For Something Different

Now for Something Different Over the years I have made umpteen shampoo bars and body soaps, and all very similar in as much as the ingredients I use are as ‘natural’ as I can find them. However, I got to thinking what does ‘natural’ really mean since everything we use as a ‘natural’ ingredient has […]

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Coconut Wax Vs. Other Types of Wax

Coconut Wax vs Others Coconut wax has a bright and white colour. If you’re into colourful candles, it’s natural colour means that you can easily dye the wax and create various coloured candles depending on your needs. Made from a sustainable, easily renewable crop it works well with essential oils and fragrance oils. It’s Vegan […]

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Soap Frosting

Soap Frosting I love decorating my soaps but at the beginning, I found it really difficult to find a recipe for frosting that (a) wouldn’t set before I’d finished piping, or (b) wasn’t temperamental when it came to temperature.  But now I think I’ve finally cracked it. Start cold!  This method I found on the […]

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Fluid Hot Process Soap Making

Fluid Hot Process Soap Making and what I’ve discovered When I began making hot process soap I would follow the familiar crock pot method. Putting the oils into the crockpot and heating them before adding the lye and bringing to trace before putting on the lid and waiting while it did its thing. A long […]

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How to . . .

HOW TO STORE HANDMADE NATURAL SOAPS & SHAMPOO BARS Natural Soaps if left in a damp shower, or wet soap dish will quickly dissolve, or if not properly stored, will slowly deteriorate on the shelf. So, Here are some tips to help you enjoy your soap to the very last bubble 1. Store soaps you […]

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